Vapour Barrier

Liquid Nails VBS Vapour Barrier for sealing concrete slabs


A highly cross-linked, pigmented, two-pack epoxy vapour barrier system. The mixed product is dark green in colour.


  • For sealing concrete floor slabs to reduce the amount of water vapour emanating from the concrete.
  • Suitable for use on concrete slabs prior to using Selleys Liquid Nails Direct Stick Timber Flooring Adhesive to lay timber flooring.

NOTE: Water vapour from a concrete slab can affect wooden flooring overlays.

Application of a suitable moisture vapour barrier such as VBS can reduce the chance of problems developing with wooden floors at a later stage.

Product Range

Product Code: 9300697114648

  • Size & Pack Type: 3.6 lit. two part epoxy kit
  • Colour: Dark green when mixed

Technical Features

  • Normally a one-coat system
  • Colour coded components to aid proper mixing (blue hardener, yellow resin)
  • Controlled opacity: The dark green pigmented colour of the mixed product helps the applicator to gauge a consistent application rate by eye
  • Rapid cure
  • Very low water vapour transmission rate
  • Excellent adhesion and application properties
  • Optimal properties for subsequent bonding with Selleys Liquid Nails DIRECT STICK Polyurethane Timber Flooring Adhesive
  • Separate pail and measure stick allows easy division of the large pack into quarters for smaller areas
  • Application notes included in every pack

Application Tips

  • Keep product cool before mixing. Very fast cure. If mixed product is left in mixing can it will rapidly heat and set. For maximum working time tip product onto concrete slab immediately after mixing.
  • Two coats may be required on very porous concrete or if there is high moisture content in the slab. Refer to product application notes.

Technical Details and Performance


Yellow (epoxy resin)

Hardener colour

Blue (amine based)

When Mixed

Green thixotropic liquid suitable for brush or roller application


One full pack is sufficient for 20m2 per coat when used at 6m2 per litre. Two coats may be required in case of very porous concrete or very high moisture levels in the slab.

Mix Ratios

Normally the whole pack is mixed at once. For other amounts mix 4 parts of resin to 1 part of hardener by volume (or 4.42 parts to 1 by weight).


  • Resin – Metal can
  • Hardener – Metal can

Curing Time

Normally floors can be walked on, re-coated or adhered to in 8-12 hours

Re-coat Time

After curing and before 24 hours. If re-coating is required after 24 hours the floor will need to be lightly sanded and wiped over with MEK solvent to ensure adhesion of the next coat.

Working Time

Usually 20-30 minutes when poured out onto a cool slab. (This product has a short pot-life if kept in the original mixing container. For maximum working time keep kits cool before mixing and pour out onto floor as soon as fully mixed).

Water Vapour Barrier permeance

167 micron coating will normally achieve a mvt of less than 15g/m2/24 hours. (Application at 6m2 per litre)

Note: To be effective as a vapour barrier, there must be a continuous glossy film left on the surface. If this is not achieved in one coat then a second coat is required.

Shelf Life

12 months in original containers