Time saving

Fast Paint Over Gap Sealants

Gap Sealants are water based and can be painted with water based or oil based paints.

Fast paint over Sealants

Many sealants can be painted over soon after they have a firm skin on the surface that is not damaged with the pressure of a paint brush.

Fast sealants

Sometimes there’s no time lose when it comes to sealing leaks. If your boat springs a leak while you’re on the water you have to act fast. Selleys Knead It Aqua is a two part sealant with the consistency of “play dough”.

Recommended Products

Timber flooring adhesives

Engineered flooring is fast and easy to install, but many people dislike the sound and feel of a ‘floating floor’.

Fast set adhesives

Two part adhesives cure in a defined timeframe because when mixed together the chemical reaction between them is “programmed”, complete and reliable.