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Selleys Flexiseal is a non slumping polyurethane construction sealant with high movement capability, low modulus and excellent adhesive properties.

Weatherproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, paintable after it has cured.*

*Suitable for most water-based paints. For oil-based paints undercoat with water-based primer. Testing recommended if paint is applied more than 5 days after the sealant application.

  • High flexibility with +/-25% joint movement capability
  • Low modulus of elasticity
  • Excellent resistance to aging and weathering
  • No shrinkage during curing
  • Excellent adhesion on common building materials such as concrete, masonry, brick, ceramic tile, metals, soft wood, hardwood and some plastics
  • Certified according to ISO11600/F/25LM and DIN18540/F
  • Will not degrade acoustic walls that meet the BCA requirements



Ideal for elastic joint sealing of expansion and construction joints between common building materials in vertical and horizontal surfaces such as:

  • Expansion Joints in precast elements
  • Perimeter seals around windows and doors
  • External wall and cladding joints
  • Weatherproofing joints between brickwork, masonry, wood concrete or metal frames.
  • Joints in walls, balconies, around window or door frames.▪Joints in bridge and balcony parapets
  • Retaining walls
  • Roofing
  • Acoustic rated walls


Technology Polyurethane
Skin Time (23C/50%RH) Approx. 60 mins
Movement Capability ± 25%
Tensile Strength approx. 1.5 N/mm2
Shore A Hardness approx. 30
Curing rate (23C/50%RH) approx.2.0mm/24h

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