Liquid Nails VBS Rapid

Liquid Nails VBS Rapid


VBS Rapid is a highly cross-linked, pigmented, two-pack epoxy water based vapour barrier system. It is for sealing concrete floor slabs to reduce the amount of water vapour emanating from the concrete.  Suitable for use on concrete slabs prior to using Selleys Liquid Nails flooring adhesives to lay timber flooring.


  • Normally a one-coat system to cover up to 40m²
  • Rapid drying formulation allowing same flooring installation
  • Low odour and water clean up
  • Colour coded components to aid proper mixing
  • Controlled opacity: -The mid green pigmented colour of the mixed product helps the applicator to gauge a consistent application rate by eye.
  • Very low water vapour transmission rate
  • Excellent adhesion and application properties
  • Optimal properties for subsequent bonding with Selleys Liquid Nails flooring adhesives


Technology 100% water based Epoxy
Flexibility N/A
Working Time <40-45minutes at 25C
Cure Time Normally floors can be walked on, re-coated or adhered to in 2-4hours
Coverage 40m² per coat for engineered flooring 20m² per coat for solid timber flooring

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