Pro Trade Joint Sealant LM

Pro Trade Joint Sealant LM


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Selleys Pro Trade Joint Sealant LM is a non-slumping polyurethane joint sealant with high movement capability, low modulus and excellent adhesive properties.

It is designed for sealing expansion and construction joints in vertical and horizontal applications.

  • High flexibility with +/-25% joint movement
  • Sag resistant
  • Excellent resistance to aging and weathering
  • Weatherproof polyurethane
  • Cures bubble free
  • No shrinkage during curing
  • Paintable after it has cured



Can be used for

  • Precast and tilt up panels, external wall and cladding joints
  • Weatherproofing joints between brickwork, masonry, concrete, cladding, wood or metal frames.
  • External joints in walls and around window or door frames.
  • Joints in bridge and balcony parapets
  • Retaining walls
  • Roofing
  • Acoustic rated walls
  • As an adhesive for indoor and outdoor bonding of window sills, thresholds, stair steps, skirting boards, base boards, crash protections boards, covering boards and prefabricated elements.


Technology Polyurethane
Skin Time (23C/50%RH) approx. 35mins
Movement Capability ± 25%
Tensile Strength 1.5 –2.0 N/mm2
Shore A Hardness Approx. 35 -40
Curing rate (23C/50%RH) ≥ 2,5 mm/24h

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