Pro Trade Gap Filler Fast Skin

Pro Trade Gap Filler Fast Skin


Pro-Trade Gap Filler Fast Skin is an acylic gap sealant formulated with a quality polymer and high solid content for extremely low shrinkage and excellent resistance to paint cracking.

  • Paint over in 10 minutes (see Technical Data Sheet for details)
  • High solids for low shrinkage
  • Thick consistency optimised for smooth gunning action
  • Excellent adhesion to timber, plasterboard, masonry and aluminium
  • Skins in 6 minutes
  • 80% elongation



Suitable for filling gaps around

  • Ceiling cornice
  • Door and window frames
  • Skirting boards


Technology Water based acylic
Paint Time 10 minutes
Skin Time 6 minutes
Movement Capability ± 10%

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