Point Works Accelerant Spray

Selleys Point Works Gen II Accelerant Spray is specifically formulated to accelerate the setting of Point Works. Gen II flexible roof pointing in cool and damp conditions to reduce the risk of washouts.

  • In most cases Point Works Gen II should be rain resistant approximately 2 hours after the application of the spray (depending on ambient conditions)
  • Point Works Gen II treated with this accelerant spray has been shown to pass AS4046.8 for cyclonic conditions C3
Liquid Nail Direct Stick V-Notch Trowel

Selleys flooring trowel is notched for the application of Direct Stick.

  • Notched for easy application
  • Designed to create ideal adhesion
  • Comfort grip handle
Liquid Nails VBS Vapour Barrier

Selleys Liquid Nails VBS is a highly cross-linked, two-pack epoxy moisture vapour barrier system.

  • Normally a one-coat system.
  • Colour coded components to aid proper mixing
  • Controlled opacity: - The dark green-pigmented colour of the mixed product helps the applicator to gauge a consistent application rate by eye.
  • Rapid cure
  • Very low water vapour transmission rate.
  • Excellent adhesion and application properties
  • Optimal properties for subsequent bonding with Selleys flooring adhesive
  • VOC 68g/L
  • Green when mixed (Resin is yellow, Hardener is Blue)