Gap Fillers

Pro Trade Gap Filler Fast Skin

Pro-Trade Gap Filler Fast Skin is an acylic gap sealant formulated with a quality polymer and high solid content for extremely low shrinkage and excellent resistance to paint cracking.

  • Paint over in 10 minutes (see Technical Data Sheet for details)
  • High solids for low shrinkage
  • Thick consistency optimised for smooth gunning action
  • Excellent adhesion to timber, plasterboard, masonry and aluminium
  • Skins in 6 minutes
  • 80% elongation


Pro Trade Gap Filler Smooth Finish

Pro-Trade Gap Filler Smooth Finish is a white, paintable, flexible acrylic gap sealant suitable for interior and exterior applications.

It is best for sealing gaps and joints where anticipated movement is not in excess of +/- 10% of joint width.

  • Flexible – will withstand joint movement of +/- 10% of joint width. Suitable for those applications where slight movement causes hard fillers to crack and fall out
  • Paintable with water and oil-based paints without need of priming*
  • Weatherproof – suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • Sag resistant – 0mm after 10mins Easy to apply
  • Water clean up
  • Low odour

*Some water-based undercoats and flat paints may crack on drying. Test on a small section of sealant. Paint cracking may be reduced by using vinyl/acrylic semi-gloss paint or oil- based undercoat first, or by allowing full cure.

Tradie's Bog

Selleys Tradie's Bog is a building filler that is easy to sand and provides fast repairs to timber and most common building materials.

  • Easy to sand
  • Excellent adhesion to common building materials
  • Sets hard in 20 minutes
  • Can be sawn, drilled, tapped, sanded and painted
  • Can be coloured with cement oxides or paint tinters (before adding hardener)


Expanding Foam

Pro Trade Expanding Foam

Pro-Trade Expanding Foam is a triple expanding, non shrinking, multipurpose PU foam

  • Expands to three times its original volume to quickly fill large holes, cracks and gaps
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use (when painted)
  • Will not shrink
  • Reduces noise dust & draughts
  • Excellent adhesion to form a durable and waterproof bond to most surfaces
  • Once dry it can be painted, sanded, plastered, grouted, cut or caulked (approx. 3 hours)
  • Patented all direction dispensing system
  • Waterproof