Selleys 650FC Fast Cure Adhesive Sealant

Selleys 650FC Fast Cure Adhesive Sealant


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Selleys 650FC is a premium fast cure multipurpose flexible adhesive sealant powered by advanced hybrid technology, making it a highly durable and isocyanate & solvent free product for both interior and exterior bonding & sealing applications.


  • Trafficable expansion joints,
  • trafficable pavement floors and perimeter joints,
  • joints under waterproofing membranes (water-based, solvent-based and acrylic),
  • air conditioning ducting,
  • caravan,
  • construction joint sealant applications,
  • perimeter seals around doors,
  • windows and facades,
  • general purpose interior joint sealant applications,
  • bonds on damp surfaces,
  • suitable for humid application conditions (not suitable for constantly submerged joints)."


  • most building materials,
  • timber,
  • concrete,
  • fibre cement,
  • plasterboard,
  • brick and block work,
  • sandstone,
  • granite,
  • metals including aluminum, steel, lead, zinc.

Selleys recommends preliminary compatibility testing on plastics and other substrates**.

**Not suitable for Perspex, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon® or nylon. Degradation of product at 80–100˚C not suitable for applications like roofing where temperature reaches beyond 80°C."


Technology Advanced Hybrid Technology
Skin Time (23C/50%RH) 20 mins
Movement Capability +/-20%
Tensile Strength
Shore A Hardness 40 +/-5
Curing rate (23C/50%RH) ≥ 2,5 mm/24h

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