Fireblock XT

Fireblock XT


Selleys Fireblock XT is a fire and acoustic rated High Performance SMP Sealant.

Fire rated up to 4 hours according toAS1530.4

  • Complies with BCA acoustic requirements
  • No primer required
  • Adhesion to wet surfaces
  • Better curing (>5°C)Non-bubbling
  • Better extrudability (>5°C)
  • No slump
  • Paintable
  • Low VOC
  • Halogen free
  • Isocyanate free


Can be used indoors and outdoors on most surfaces.

External and internal, non-trafficable control joints in concrete, masonry, AAC and brick fire rated construction.

Acoustic sealing between most common building materials such as concrete, masonry, aerated concrete, plasterboard, fibre cement, metals, timber and plastic as part of a suitable design.

Installation over a wide temperature range


Technology Moisture curing silyl-modified polymer (SMP)
Skin Time (23C/50%RH) Approx. 50 mins
Movement Capability ± 20%
Tensile Strength 1.1MPa
Shore A Hardness 31
Curing rate (23C/50%RH)

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